The ski school was established in Corvara in 1933 by Luis Langenmeier and still lives by the values it established in those early years after the War. Between 1940 and 1948, the school remained closed due to the outbreak of the Second World War.

There have been many changes over the years since the school was first set up, as our older colleagues tell us. Technologies have changed and, as a result, teaching methods have too. In the Sixties, for instance, instructors used to climb to the top of the slopes on foot instead of by lift and would help their clients by carrying their skis for them. “It was quite normal to carry four pairs of skis on your shoulder”, remembers a colleague.

Another interesting detail from those early days regards how the slopes were groomed. In those days they didn’t have the equipment we do today which enables us to ski on impeccably groomed slopes, striving for perfection at every bend. It was the instructors’ job to prepare the slopes and they did it so their pupils could ski on the best possible conditions, so it was easier for them to learn the right techniques.
Nowadays private lessons are available in all ski resorts but in the past, partly because there weren’t many instructors available and because there wasn’t the same demand from visitors, group courses were nearly always the norm: one was held in the morning and one in the afternoon, each lasting two hours.
Over the years, lifts have improved in leaps and bounds, gradually increasing their hourly capacity. This has led to other changes regarding teaching methods, how people get around and the ski school has moved with the times, increasing its services and the type of lessons it offers. Its priorities, however, have always remained the same: a people-centred approach and quality tuition.

A milestone in the school’s history and a source of great satisfaction for its instructors was the building of its present headquarters in 1998. Before this, the Corvara Ski School had been located at the Col Alto ski lift. Despite some initial reservations, the instructors were absolutely sure they were doing the right thing. The nursery slopes were expanded to make it easier to teach beginners and more facilities for visitors, like the ski rental centre, the SkiKinderLand, bar and obviously a larger office, were added.

In the 80 years since it opened, the Corvara-Ladinia Ski School has always had a people-centred approach, a pioneering vision, the ambition to evolve over the years and a willingness to share its local and sports knowledge, remaining abreast of the latest developments but, most important of all, sharing unique experiences with its clients, who have often become friends.

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