. Where is the Ski School?

The Ski School is located opposite the valley station of the Boè cable car, just a 5-minute walk from the centre of Corvara.

. Where’s the meeting point for the group courses and private lessons?

The meeting point for both is at the Ski School. There are several meeting points on the nursery slopes for the group courses, while people taking private lessons should meet their instructor in front of the terrace of the bar (see MEETING POINT).

. Is the ski pass, lunch and equipment included in the price of the group courses or private lessons?

No, the price only includes your lesson. If you need equipment, we suggest you visit our rental centre where people who sign up for our group courses are entitled to a 10 % discount. Ask for a coupon in the office when you pay for your course.

. Do you have to wear a helmet?

Helmets are mandatory for children up to the age of 14. We recommend all skiers wear a helmet for their own safety.

. Do you get a discount if more than one child in a family is enrolled in the same course?

No, there isn’t a discount in this case.

. How are the children divided into groups?

A preliminary selection takes place when parents fill in a questionnaire in the office as they enrol their children. Then, on the Monday morning, the instructors assess each of the participant’s ability on their skis and decide on the groups.

. Where do children eat when the course ends at 4.00 pm?

Beginners eat at our SkiKinderLand, while the more accomplished skiers stop for something to eat in the refuges.

. Can you put our children in the same group?

If the children are of the same level, they can be put in the same group. Please mention it to the instructors when the groups are made.

. What happens if you don’t get enough people to run a course?

The amount you paid for the group course will be used for private lessons.

. Have you got an arrangement with a local ski rental/depot?

We have a rental centre and depot at the Ski School. Anyone who signs up for a group course gets 10 % off equipment rental. Don’t forget to ask for a coupon in the office when you pay for your course.

. What kind of ski pass do I need for the group courses?

People who sign up for the Full Day group courses will need a Dolomiti Superski ski pass. We also recommend it for the more accomplished skiers in the normal group courses, as they may need it on the Thursday and/or Friday. Everyone else needs an Alta Badia ski pass.

. What should I do if I am late for my group course or private lesson?

We would ask you to call the school to notify us. Our office staff will advise what you should do.

. What time should I get to the meeting point?

We would ask you to turn up at least five minutes before the beginning of your course or private lesson.

. Do I get a refund if the weather is bad?

Refunds are given only if the instructor decides the weather and/or the skiing conditions are too extreme to hold the lesson.

. Do children who have never skied before need a ski pass?

They won’t need a ski pass for the first day. After that the instructor will let you know if they do need one and which one to get.

. Do I have to book a group course in advance?

We recommend you book your group course on our website, so that when you get to Corvara, you can pick up your ticket directly at the office.

. Do children need ski poles for their group course?

Everyone taking part in group courses needs poles.

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