National instructors train and keep instructors up-to-date in the different disciplines: alpine skiing, snowboarding and telemark skiing.
Our Ski & Snowboard School is proud to have five national instructors among its ranks.
This ensures all the ski and snowboard instructors at the school keep abreast of the latest developments in techniques and teaching methods.
In addition to the five current national instructors - Diego Davare, brothers Claudio and Luca Tiezza in alpine skiing, Stefan Oberbacher snowboard instructor and Thomas Kostner, telemark skiing instructor – over the years since the school was opened, other members of our staff have been national instructors.
The pioneer Antonio Tavella was a member of the association set up by Co.Scu.Ma (Board of the School of Instructors) since its foundation and was responsible for training several generations of ski instructors throughout Italy. This experience was not limited to skiing; from 1966 to 1987, when snowboarding was first introduced, Sicio Costamoling and Ivo Rudiferia helped train many snowboard instructors as the sport grew in popularity in the Nineties.

Interski is commonly referred to as the “Technical Olympics” by the Italian association of ski instructors.
The congress is held every four years, hosted by different member nations, and shares technical and teaching approaches to different snow sports. An elite selection of the top instructors from each nation is invited to take part. The Corvara-Ladinia Ski & Snowboard School has had the honour of attending Interski for 16 years.
Alpine ski instructor Diego Davare was a member of the DemoTeam Italia” from 1999 to 2011, acting as technical director in 2011. Diego also attended Interski in Norway in 1999 and in Switzerland in 2003, which both focussed on safety. In 2007 in Korea he presented, along with the other Italian delegates, a study of Italian skiing, illustrating its technical and educational progress to meet the needs of pupils. At his fourth and final congress in 2011 in Austria, the focus was on teaching skiing to children. In 2015 in Argentina (the last time Italy took part in the congress), Claudio Tiezza was selected to represent Italy in the alpine skiing discipline. This time the focus was on development “from ski school to competitive skiing”.

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